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Invitation to the Must See Property Investors Event of the Year for Waikato

Our speaker is a property developer, property investor, business owner, writer, and extremely well-known property expert. He has been involved in property investing for over 20 years and has invested in property in Australia, the United States, and New Zealand.

He undertook his first property development "when I was an arrogant 24 year old and thought it was something anyone could do."

At any time, he has up to 10 developments underway and specialises in small scale 3-5 lot developments.

This speaker will surprise you a little, but with such a wealth of knowledge and experience, we couldn't resist the opportunity to give great information to our clients and other Waikato Property Investors. You are guaranteed to take something from this night!

We are delighted to have Matt Gilligan speak on:

  • What he is personally investing in at the moment (mid-2018)
  • Current projects and real life examples
  • Where he sees opportunities to add value and also develop passive income
  • The future of property investment in New Zealand
  • Tax update on recent tax changes.

WHEN:  WEDNESDAY 13 JUNE 2018  7.30 PM
VENUE:  Distinction Hamilton hotel & Conference Centre 100 Garnett Avenue Hamilton 
COST:    FREE for clients of Coombe Smith, $15 for Coombe Smith Newsletter Subscribers, $30 Other

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Signs that you need a Property Accountant

Are you getting the best property accounting advice? Why should you choose a property accountant to help with your property investing? In this video I outline some simple items that have saved our clients thousands. Unfortunately, many normal accountants are missing these. If you are buying a rental, make sure you get the best property accounting advice.

The Property Investor You Don't Want To Be

If you are looking to buy a rental property, then you must watch this! Only 14 minutes and it might save you from making a big mistake! If you are looking at buying another rental or looking to help your children into property investment, this video will be very useful to you and your family


Saving On Interest - watch our latest video

Learn more now - our latest masterclass with Ross


My Recommendations for 2017.  If you own property, this video is a must watch!


Rental Basics seminar with best tax saving tip
As its cold and wet outside, and we haven't done a rental seminar for a while, we thought we would share an old rental basics seminar.

Although it is three years old, and the interest rates, LVR's and purchase prices are a little out of date, there are still some great fundamentals, such as:
·         ideas to get better cash flow
·         LTC vs Trust
·         Best tax tip.

The video is only 30 minutes, so if you are new to investing or trying to get into property investing, this is a great watch.  Click here to view

We are also currently working on some new videos which we will publish over the next couple of months.  Keep an eye out for these.



Do You Need to Sell a Rental to Reduce Risk and Move Ahead – watch our video.



Free videos of our seminars available for our current clients. Click here



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“Thanks for the time and effort that has been put into the seminars lately.  I have found them really helpful and interesting.” – Cam

“Thank you for last night. I enjoyed the presentation.” – John

“Just wanted to express my thanks for yesterday’s free seminar on the basics of property investing.  I found it most helpful, with a good dose of realism and lots of helpful ideas.  Just what I needed to hear and understand.  I feel in a much better position to start seriously considering the various options for investing.” – Guy


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