Simple Meth Testing Information to keep your rental safe - Don't Panic!

23 February 2018


Simple Meth Testing Information to Keep Your Rental Safe - Don't Panic!

There is a lot of talk out there about meth contamination and possible issues for landlords and property investors.  Personally,  I really don't believe that Meth has to be that big an issue.  Here are a few key points:


1.  Get a Meth screening test done for under $200.  

2.  Make sure you review your insurance to ensure you have adequate Meth insurance and are fully covered, including Loss of Income, before you get any meth tests done.


  • This is just a Yes/No test.  It detects if Meth is present or not.
  • The reading is meaningless.  For example, 0.3 could still be a problem, as one room could be 2 and the other rooms nothing, resulting in a combined screen test of 0.3


3.  As many of you know, I own a small meth testing company ( that operates in Hamilton (which only does meth testing for landlords for property management purposes and not for new property purchases).  Over the 12 month period to 31/5/17, we have had 94.54% of rental properties tested show no meth on screening tests.  So only 5.46% of rentals tested required the full test to show the exact meth levels in each room!  This was based on the old guidelines, so the new standards are likely to see even less full tests required! 


4.  If your screening test is positive, talk to your insurance company:  They should cover the main test, less the excess.


 5.  The majority of main test results are coming back under the threshold of recommended guidelines.  So, again, there will be nothing else required to be done.


 6.  If, however, further action is required, and you have made sure you have the right insurance cover (see point 1), then your insurance company should fully cover you and any fix up costs and/or loss of rental income will be paid by them.

So, if you follow these simple steps, there should be no problems!

Kind regards
Ross Barnett 


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