So what is really happening in the Hamilton Market? Have we crashed?

22 August 2017

So what is really happening in the Hamilton Market?  Have we crashed?

There is so much talk in the market about property crashing!  When I was putting together the most recent Hamilton information, I was actually expecting the Hamilton Median Sale Price to be down slightly, and for there to be a downward trend.

Well, there isn't.

The graph below shows January 2017 to July 2017 as being very flat.  The peak last year was November 2016 at $527,000, and July 2017 is slightly above at $531,600.














It is very interesting to note that January 2016 was $388,000!  So in 18 months, there has been an increase of $143,600 or 37%!  Wow!

My pick for December 2017 is that it will be very similar to December 2016 and around $525,000.  Obviously I don't have a crystal ball either, and it is always very interesting to see how close I get.  The big factor that could change this for me is the LVR rules.  I think it would be crazy to remove these.  But if removed, that would likely cause a mini boom, so therefore, would throw my prediction out the window!

Do you have a strategy for a flat market?  What will you do if interest rates go up and there in no major capital gain in the next few years?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or give Mareese a call on (07) 839 2801 to make a time for me to have a quick 10 minute free telephone chat.

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