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Monthly Fees and Costs

Annual Financial Statements And Tax Returns

If you own a rental property, each year we would normally complete your financial statements and tax returns.  By specialising in property, we know all the tips and tricks to maximise your tax benefits and to either reduce your tax as much as legally possible, or to maximise any possible tax refund.  We are also up to date with recent property changes such as Brightline Test and Ring Fencing of losses.

If you are looking for the cheapest, that is not us.  We feel that we provide the best!

• We have a Double Review Process to ensure you are getting the best result:

   ♦ An accounting team member completes your financial statements.
   ♦ Then Karen, our Accounting Manager, with over 20 years of experience in Chartered Accounting firms,
      reviews the accounts to ensure they are accurate. 
   ♦ Ross then reviews the accounts, and mainly looks at the bigger picture.  Is the shareholding the best for you? 
     Could we restructure to be more tax effective?  Could something be done to improve asset protection?

• We deal in property every day and all day.  So we ensure you do things right - such as have chattels valuations done
    by Valuit to maximise your depreciation.

To save you time and money, we would like you to go on Xero Cashbook version.  By doing this, we can be more efficient, and you can get the best result, at a slightly cheaper cost.  Having Xero also means you have monthly reports to show how your rentals are going, can compare to budget and can split by property.   Xero memorisations also make your life easy!

Accounting Fees 2021


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Terms and Conditions:
All prices are GST inclusive
All prices are monthly
All prices include the cost of monthly Xero fees
Includes one purchase or one sale of a property within the financial year
Must be on Xero Cashbook version and use Coombe Smith Rental Template (part of Xero set up)
Must run all transactions through the Rental bank account, or use Xero to correctly add Expenses Paid Privately.
Must use Folders supplied to provide information
Subject to Two Year Set Up Fee Acceptance


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