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Looking to buy a rental, sell a rental, review your rental portfolio, turn your personal home into a rental, develop a property, or start property trading?  Then it is essential to get the best advice, as property transactions are large dollar items and the consequences of getting it wrong can be large. 

NOTE:  We do not give advice for Kiwisaver buyers. This is because the conditions of the Kiwisaver scheme allow for purchasing personal houses only and you cannot buy a rental property using Kiwisaver funds.  Often the best structure for tax and asset protection does not meet the Kiwisaver rules.  We will only provide the best tax and asset protection structure, which might not allow Kiwisaver.  We are property accounting specialists who deal with rental property accounting, taxation and structure advice.

Is to have a free 5-10 minute no obligation telephone chat with Ross to discuss your situation and work out the best way forward. 


Is often to have a Property Advisory Meeting.  For an in office meeting, the cost is $391 inclusive GST.  For online Zoom meetings, the cost is discounted to $276 inclusive GST.  This meeting goes for approximately 1 hour and Ross gives full advice in this time. Things that are often covered are:

  • The basics of rental properties, rental profit and loss, and what is the overall cashflow.
  • What is the right structure for you?  Which entity should you buy your rentals in?
  • What is a restructure?  What is the cost and benefits for you?  Is it overall worthwhile?  A restructure is generally how we sell a property from one entity  to another to ensure that you have the maximum interest deductions.
  • How Trading properties works.  What is tainting?  GST implications and Zero Rating risk.
  • Property development – What are the options, what is the tax and GST implications on each option?


After the meeting, we also have some great spreadsheets and information that we will send through to you.

Meetings can be at our office, or via ZOOM (which allows Ross to share his screen so that you can view what he is discussing with you)

Book a Property Advisory Meeting at our Hamilton office.

Book a ZOOM Online Property Advisory Meeting

Or if you need to make an appointment outside office hours, email or call (07) 839 2801 to check availability.

If a Property Advisory Meeting sounds like what you need, but you’re not quite sure, booking a free 5-10 minute telephone chat can be a great way to discuss with Ross and check there is benefit in having the full meeting.


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