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Are you getting the best accounting advice?

  • Are you getting the best accounting advice?
  • Are you claiming illegal expenses?
  • Are you missing major deductions?
  • Do you need to look at restructuring?

By Ross Barnett - Property Accountant


If you have a current accountant who does your rental property financial statements and tax returns, we have the perfect offer for you:

We will review your financial statements and tax returns for one entity (this can be your 2016 accounts) for $100 GST inclusive.

If we can’t find a major error, or major area to improve, then it’s FREE!

(If you have multiple entities, we would first need to see what is involved, but most likely the cost would be$100-$200).

I’ll personally be looking at your financial statements, tax returns, and overall financial position.  In lots of cases I can see opportunities to legitimately save thousands in tax.  At the end of the review you will get a letter outlining any major errors or issues that I can find, or opportunities that most likely need exploring further
Please note: This is just a Review.  Therefore it does not provide solutions on how to fix the errors or issues identified and that would have to be explored or expanded on later. 

Our aim is to show you how great we are, so that you then want us looking after your accounting and tax needs.   But there is no requirement to change to us.

Want to go ahead?  Email your last year Financial Statements and Tax Returns to  We will come back with:

  • An exact price if you have more than one entity
  • The extra information we require.



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