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Free videos of our seminars available

Free videos of our seminars available


By Ross Barnett - Property Accountant


We have made video copies of our two most recent seminars:

“Are You Interested In Learning the Basics About Rental Properties?”


“Advanced Property Investors Tricks and Tips”

If you are a current client and couldn’t make it along, we can send you a video copy upon request.

The “Rental Basics” seminar video is around 35 minutes and covers:

  • Numbers on a standard rental
  • Simple ideas to get better cash flow
  • Tax Structures
  • Goals and Strategy
  • Best tip to pay less tax.

At the Advanced Property Investors seminar, we also had Derrick and Robyn Marsters speak about their property experiences and how to create extra cash flow.  They are very experienced investors and traders, who run Quality Rental Management (  The main topics covered were:

  • Long term strategy and getting new properties into your portfolio
  • Worksheet to help review your portfolio and identify under-performing properties
  • Easy extra return idea and example
  • Trading properties
    - Tax and GST
    - Structures
    - Simple Numbers
  • Little improvements to make your rental portfolio give thousands in extra cash flow.

To request a copy,  please email 



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“Thanks for the time and effort that has been put into the seminars lately.  I have found them really helpful and interesting.” – Cam

“Thank you for last night. I enjoyed the presentation.” – John

“Just wanted to express my thanks for yesterday’s free seminar on the basics of property investing.  I found it most helpful, with a good dose of realism and lots of helpful ideas.  Just what I needed to hear and understand.  I feel in a much better position to start seriously considering the various options for investing.” – Guy


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