Do you need to sell a rental to reduce risk and move ahead?

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Do you need to sell a rental to reduce risk and move ahead?


It is often said "buy and never sell" - but property investors need to review their portfolio to:

  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce debt to create passive income
  • Eliminate rentals with high maintenance long term
  • Eliminate 'lemons' while the market is hot.

Ross Barnett says "Sometimes it is best to take one step back, to go two steps forward long term"
Come along to hear Ross talk about these topics, plus tips on reducing tax on a sale.
Ross will be joined by Jo Harris, Real Estate Agent for Lodge Real Estate.  Jo knows and understands rental properties.  She owns rental properties and has been on the committee of Waikato Property Investors Assocation for a number of years.  Jo will help investors understand:                   

  • Best time to sell
  • Auction, set price or other sales methods
  • Meth test pre sale?  Other reports or information                    
  • Spread of buyers - will LVR changes to investors affect you?    
  • 5 best "do up" tips

 We will also have a limited discussion on being able to buy rentals under the new LVR rules, as well as the historic long term cycle, and possible future opportunity for investors.


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